The Great Coaster™ Spill Free
Indoor/Outdoor Coaster!

Tired of spilled drinks on picnics or at the lake? We were too! We developed The Great Coaster™ to eliminate the problem of drinks spilling by creating a stable place for your drinks anywhere! No more putting your soda in the hot sand. No more spending 10 minutes trying to get your bottle to stand upright in the grass, The Great Coaster™ fits a wide range of cup, can, and bottle sizes so you can focus on life, not spilt milk (or soda or water or anything else!).

The Great Coaster™ is the Ultimate Beach Vacation Accessory

Other outdoor coasters don’t match up. They either have to be stuck in the ground like a stake (which only works with sand or soft dirt and are dirty when you pull them out) or they have four legs. Knowing that a tripod is the most stable design for uneven surfaces, The Great Coaster™ has three legs to be less tipsy than other designs.

Quite by accident, we found The Great Coaster™ is handy for more than just drinks. You can use it as a bowl that won’t tip over while the family enjoys snacks or other treats on the beach too.

Quality, American Made Outdoor Coasters

Just like The Great Plate™, The Great Coaster™ is made from durable food grade BPA free polypropylene and is microwaveable, dishwasher safe,stackable, re-usable, and recyclable. These are made in the USA where we can be sure of quality, food safe materials are being used and not to mention jobs are staying in this great country!

We didn't invent the coaster, we just made it Great! 

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