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The Great Plate™ Plastic Plates
for Parties, Picnics, Snacks, and More!

It all started with watching our six kids making a mess. There must be a simpler way for kids to enjoy their food and drink in the living room and not make a mess! After experimenting with several variations, we created a plate that was easy for people of all ages!It truly was a great plate, so The Great Plate™ was born.

The outer lip helps keep food on the plate, but the real secret is with the beverage holder in the center. Able to hold a wide range of cans, bottles, cups, or mugs, the plate holds your drink and keeps it from spilling without feeling tipsy. So whether it is the kids on the couch with a snack plate or you are using it as a picnic plate, the problem of spilled drinks disappears.

The Great Plate™ Plastic Party Plates

Adults love how easy it is to carry around their food and drink with one hand during a party. These plates are great for more than as a game day party plate; they are great as children’s plastic party plates, as tailgate party plates and more! No more setting your cup down in a handy spot to later find you are not sure which of the six cups is yours, your drink just stays with your plate!

The Great Plate™ Outdoor Plates

Doesn’t it frustrate you trying to find a flat spot on the ground to set your cup only to have one of the kids knock it over a few minutes later anyway? Even on picnic tables we find cups get knocked over more than at the kitchen table at home because the table is not level or the surface is no longer even. When you put your cup on The Great Plate™, your drink is snug on a stable surface. So whether you are looking for a picnic plate, plates for a barbecue, or plates as “patio dinnerware,” The Great Plate™ is the solution!

The Great Plate™ is a Premium Plastic Plate

These are premium plastic plates, durable and strong yet light enough to easily hold while you walk and eat at a party. They are large enough to be used as plastic serving plates when you want something like chips and dip together on one dish.Environmentally friendly, we also designed our plate to be easily washed so you don’t have to fill up the landfills after every party.

As premiumreusable plastic plates, The Great Plate™is of course dishwasher and microwave safe as well as stackable to easily fit in your cabinets. We also think it is important that these plates are made in the USA, where we can be sure they are made with safe, BPA free, food grade plastics and not to mention it is good to keep jobs in this great country!

When you try The Great Plate™ you will see why they are so popular. Go ahead, order yours today!

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