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  • By The Great Plate
  • 24 Jan, 2016

The Great Plate was just featured on a Parenting blog titled "Mommy's Block Party" where Ondria reviewed them, and her kids wanted to have an indoor picnic!

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"Having a Valentine's Day party for the kids but don't want spills? Need creative ideas for a Sunday afternoon Football game watching party for kids and adults? The Great Plate has you covered. Perfect for wherever food and drinks are served together. Using one hand, you can enjoy your food without leaving your beverage behind. The Great Plate is made of flexible and durable polypropylene. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, reusable and recyclable and it comes in red! The color of love! The best part is it is made right here in the US."

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By The Great Plate 22 Feb, 2016

There were 20 of Chicago's top restaurants and bars participating in this years Chicken Wing Competition to raise funds for local and national charities.

 Nearly 2,000 people plowed their way through more than 50,000 chicken wings Sunday at Chicago's Best WingFest, an annual party dedicated to finding the city's ultimate wings.

 The winners: Reverie and Gators took home a tie for best mild wing, Timothy O'Tooles clinched best hot wing, Output won best exotic wing and Dinosaur BBQ earned three prizes: best BBQ wing, Rookie of the Year and Best of the Fest.

 The festival also raised $5,000 for Chicago Neighbors United, which gives scholarships to kids who live in the 27th Ward.

For more info make sure to checkout their website,  www.WingFest.Net .

By The Great Plate 09 Feb, 2016

"Every once in a while I can come across a product that is more than creative-it is brilliant! For me, the Great Plate is a brilliant product. I give a brilliant rating when I have a "Man! Why didn't I think of that!" thought and get more excited to try it then perhaps the average person.

It is simple really but if you travel in RV, camp, entertain and love to serve friends and family then this little plate is so functional. Although there are so many uses for this plate, I will show you seven uses!"

 Click  here , or on the image to read Erinn's full review, and find out what are her top 7 uses for the brilliant, Great Plate.

By The Great Plate 02 Feb, 2016
Superbowl parties are all about fun, energy, convenience, simplicity and delicious finger foods! All these elements adds up to the Great Plate! 

With the Great Plate, you have the convenience of being able to easily carry both your food & drink in one hand. This frees up your other hand for eating & socializing. How are you going to shake hands with someone new, or high-five a fellow fan while you are holding your drink and your food? You would need a third arm, or you could just use a Great Plate!
By The Great Plate 24 Jan, 2016

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By The Great Plate 05 Jan, 2016
The Great Plate team had the privilege of sharing our entrepreneurship story with local high school students in the Fond du Lac County area as part of the Ignite Youth Idea Challenge.
There were over 115 students and teachers in attendance. They were very excited to hear our story, about our US manufacturing and asked a lot of‪ ‎great‬ questions. We gave everyone a free ‪‎GreatPlate‬ that they were able to use right after for lunch.
It was such a success, MPTC asked us to return for another presentation in spring!
By The Great Plate 02 Nov, 2015

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By The Great Plate 17 Mar, 2015

The premis is that entrepreneurs must pitch food-focused concepts to A-list investors, like Sonia Kapadia, Dan Glickberg, Daniel Green, Willie Degel and more, who may fund top ideas.

Walk in with an idea ... walk out with a fortune. In Food Fortunes, recipe developers, product makers and food visionaries have the opportunity to earn cold hard cash from four titans of the industry all looking to make lucrative investments. "Pitching the room," however, has a whole new meaning, as the only way to impress the investors is to win the approval of a panel of consumers. Will these inventors' ideas land flat, or will they go home with a food fortune? Investors include restaurateur Willie Degel, family business mogul and meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda Jr., and the billionaire owner of Planet Hollywood, Robert Earl.

This was an incredible experience! You can get more information by visiting their website   here , or feel free to checkout the promo commercial below!

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