The Great Plate™

Food & Beverage Serving Plate
"Food, Family, Friends & Fun!"

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The Great Plate™ 
Plastic Plates and Coaster for Parties, Picnics, Snacks, and More!

The Great Plate™ is about food, family, friends, and fun, not about spills and lost drinks. As the answer at a party or outside, The Great Plate™ has quickly taken off to become an American staple in homes for party plates, outdoor plates, tailgating plates, picnic plates, and more! We have been featured on the Food Network and in many more places because people just know it truly is The Great Plate™.
You may have seen similar ideas that are hard for children to use or they feel unbalanced and tipsy, ready to fall out of your hand. We spent years crafting the perfect solution to not only be easy to use for even children, but a plate that you could use with all sorts of beverage containers. Our popularity speaks for itself, people keep adding to their collection of plates because of how handy they find The Great Plate™.

Check Out Our Top 25 Uses of The Great Plate™

  • Barbecue Plate
  • Tailgating Plate
  • Party Plate
  • A Plate for at the Lake 
  • Picnic Plate
  • Boating Plate
  • Sporting Event Plate
  • Birthday Party Plate
  • Camping Plate
  • Buffet Tray
  • Traveling Plate
  • Pool Snack Tray (it floats while loaded with food!)
  • Beach Party Plate
  • Corporate Event Give-away
  • Cocktail Party Plate
  • Game Night Plate
  • Appetizers Tray
  • Food and Dip Tray
  • Soup and Sandwich Plate
  • Movie Night Tray
  • Chicken Wings Plate
  • Car Snack Tray for the Kids
  • Candy Dish
  • Stacked Serving Tray (just put a can between layers)
  • Frisbee (flying disk)

Other Great Facts About The Great Plate™

The Great Plate™ is a food grade, BPA free plastic plate that is microwave and dishwasher safe. We made it to be durable and stackable too! Our company is in Wisconsin, and YES! Our plates are manufactured in Wisconsin too.
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